#ReadICT Reading Challenge

12 books. 12 months.

Can you read a book a month?

photo of Suzanne Tobias
Wichita Eagle opinion writer Suzanne Tobias holds a book that could be read for category #1

The Wichita Public Library joins the Wichita Eagle and Suzanne Tobias with a challenge for adults to read 12 books in 2019. To make it fun and a little bit challenging, Suzanne has created 12 different categories of books to read – and these categories might not be what you’d expect!

For help completing the challenge, try our book recommendations for these categories.

How it works

  • Open to those ages 18 and up
  • Any book, audiobook, or e-book will count
  • Register online through our reading program site or by tracking on a paper log
  • Log your reading progress by listing the title and category once you've completed a book
  • Once you have read a book in each of the 12 categories, you will be eligible for a prize drawing


The categories can be read in any order. The 12 categories are:

  1. A book with a face on the cover
  2. A book in a genre you don't normally read
  3. A book that makes you LOL
  4. A book set where you were born
  5. A book that is a classic or retelling of a classic
  6. A book you have avoided or didn't finish
  1. A translated book
  2. An award winning book
  3. A book recommended by a child or teen
  4. A biography, autobiography, or a memoir
  5. A book with a character different than you
  6. A book by an author slated to visit Kansas in 2019

Get started!

Track your progress using the Wichita Public Library's new reading program site, Beanstack. Register for the website by filling out some basic information, and then you can sign up for #ReadICT and other Wichita Public Library reading and activity programs.

If you created an online reading program account prior to September 16, 2019, your account was transferred to the new site.

Mobile App

Download the free Beanstack Tracker app to track your progress from your iOS or Android mobile device.

Paper Tracking

If you prefer to track your progress by paper, download and print a paper reading log . Your completed printed log can be returned to any Wichita Public Library location.

Join the conversation!

Share your love of reading with others taking the challenge:

We look forward to an exceptionally good year for readers in Wichita! Good luck, and may you enjoy many happy hours with a book!

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