Class Visits

A class visits the Advanced Learning Library

We would be happy to help you and your students explore the library. Tours are available during regular business hours upon advance request. Types of tours available vary based on the size of the facility and its materials and programs. Contact the location in which you are interested for more information.

Class Visits to the Advanced Learning Library

Due to scheduling and staff considerations, please submit class visit requests for the Advanced Learning Library at least 15 days in advance of the day you would like to visit.

What you need to know before your planning your class visit:

Library Card Information

Borrower's cards: If students wish to get a traditional library card, they will need to visit any Wichita Public Library location with their signing adult. This card allows youth to check out physical materials like books and DVDs, to access our computers and Wi-Fi, and grants full access to our online materials. In order to obtain a card, youth will need to be associated to an adult signer. That adult signer must be in possession of a library card in good standing, and take full financial responsibility for the student's library use.

E-cards: Another kind of library card, the E-card, allows students to access digital materials. The Library is ready to partner with your school district, diocese, or other larger umbrella organization to ensure that your students can access library resources. Please reach out to Erin, our , to start that process. Middle and high schoolers in USD 259 will be offered the opportunity to opt into an e-card enrollment every year; if your student missed this opportunity, please let their family know that they can visit any Wichita Public Library location to get an e-card for their student at any time.

Learn more about library cards


A bus pick-up and drop-off loop is conveniently located on the east side of the Advanced Learning Library. At this time, there is no designated bus parking on library property.

Learn about parking around the Library


During our regular storytime season, we often have large groups using library spaces for youth in the morning hours. The following are general guidelines to assist you planning your visit from mid-September to mid-April:

  Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays
Mornings (10 a.m. - Noon)   Unavailable Unavailable   Unavailable
Afternoons (1-3 p.m.)     Unavailable    


Space for your group to eat lunch indoors at the Library is subject to availability. Please indicate your interest in this when you book so that we can search for available rooms that might fit your group size. The earlier you book, the better chance you have of securing a room for this purpose.

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