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1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Take on Wichita's new reading challenge to grow your child’s early literacy skills. Studies show that reading regularly with your young child stimulates brain development and strengthens a parent’s relationship with their child.

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How can I possibly read 1000 books?!

From the day your child is born, they have about 2000 days until the first day in kindergarten. But it doesn’t have to take 5 years. If you read 3 books each night, you’ll be able to read 1000 books IN LESS THAN A YEAR!

Your child will be rewarded for reading!

Read your first 100 books and you win a book bag! Then you will continue to win more fun things along the way. Come back to the Library after completing 300, 500, 700, and 1000 books to win more fun prizes. Each time they return with a complete reading sheet, they will be given a sticker to add to our progress chart.

Who can participate?

Any child age 6 and under who isn’t in kindergarten can join the 1000 Books challenge.

How do I get started?

Pick up a free 1000 Books folder at any Wichita Public Library location. Contained inside is a tracking sheet that your child will have fun coloring each time a book is read! Print and download a tracking sheet
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