Wichita History Walk

A hand holds a phone displaying a historic photo of the Broadview hotel in the foreground while the hotel as it exists today is in the background

Walk around Wichita while learning about our city's rich past!

Did you know there's history all around you? Travel back in time with these easy steps:

Download the PocketSights app from the Google Play store or the App Store to your phone or tablet. We have created three different tours that will show up based on your location: Wild West Delano, Historic Downtown, and East Douglas Heritage.

Explore the historical sights (and sites) all around you as you stroll down Douglas Avenue. While on your tour, you will receive alerts to sites that have historic significance. Each site has images and a story to tell (complete with audio narration). Images are from the Wichita Public Library's photo archives and other local sources.

Interact with the app! Turn up the volume or use earphones to hear audio narration. (iPhone users should disable the automatic "text to speech" option in the settings.) Tap and swipe left on pictures to see all the photos; there may be more than one photo per stop. Tap and use your fingers to zoom in on a particular picture.

Oh, the places you'll go!

Wild West Delano

Meet the rowdy characters of the old West and the Chisholm Trail, as well as the engineers and artists that have called Delano home over the years.

Historic Downtown

Discover the heart of Wichita and its many transportation hubs, early business owners, and the stories behind many historic buildings.

East Douglas Heritage

Learn about the building boom of the 1920s, the unique architecture of the area, and the historic businesses and stately homes of East Douglas.

These tours have been made possible by the generous support of the AARP Community Challenge grant, which encourages community accessibility for all ages. This project is a partnership between the Wichita Public Library and Bike Walk Wichita.

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