Test Proctoring

Scheduling Your Appointment

Appointments may be made in person, by calling the Advanced Learning Library at (316) 261-8500, or by sending an email to proctoring@wichitalibrary.org.

  • A Wichita Public Library account in good standing is required
  • There is a $15 charge for each test proctored. Payment is due before a test is administered.
  • A minimum of one week notice is preferred before each appointment
  • Students are responsible for ensuring tests and other required materials are sent by the learning institution to the proctor

During Your Appointment

  • Testing aids such as notes, textbooks, personal laptops, etc., are prohibited unless authorization is specifically stated in test instructions
  • Because proctoring sessions take place in open public areas of the building, the Library cannot guarantee a completely quiet environment during a proctoring session. Proctors will do their best to keep noise in the testing area to a minimum.
  • Proctors will enforce time limits and other guidelines set forth by the institution
  • Students must be on time for their appointments and are expected to notify proctors if they will be unable to fulfill a scheduled appointment
  • Provide current photo identification that matches the name on the testing materials before the session begins
  • Provide all supplies needed (e.g. scratch paper, calculator, pen, pencil)
  • Library computers will not be modified, nor will installation of special software be allowed.
  • Students are permitted to bring their own computers for testing if allowed by the learning institution

Submitting Your Test

  • Students are required to bring stamped and appropriately addressed envelopes when completed tests are to be mailed. The Library will mail completed tests in the following day's mail.
  • When students are required to return tests by UPS or FedEx, it will be the student's responsibility to send materials to the learning institution.
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