Local Elections

This Year's Races

In 2022, races at the local level include three Sedgwick County Commission seats and eight District Court judges. In addition, the Democratic and Republican Party precinct committee positions are up for election in the August primary.

Local Offices

Wichita City Council

The Wichita City Council is Wichita's top legislative body. It is composed of seven members: six who are elected by district and a mayor elected at-large. The mayor's position is full-time, while other council members are part-time. Council members are elected to a 4-year term for up to two consecutive terms. While candidates might belong to a political party, elections are nonpartisan, meaning the candidate's political affiliation will not appear on the ballot. The Wichita City Council's responsibilities include:

City Council meetings are typically held at 9 a.m. on the first, second, and third Tuesday of each month. The fourth Tuesday is reserved for workshop sessions where council members have the opportunity to review and discuss one or two focused topics. The next election involving the Wichita City Council is in 2023.

Wichita Public Schools Board of Education

The Wichita Public Schools Board of Education consists of seven members: six members who must live within certain geographic boundaries and a seventh who can live anywhere in the school district. Members are elected to 4-year unpaid terms. Primary elections for the six district seats are limited to those geographic areas, but all voters who live within the school district boundaries are eligible to vote for every seat during the General Election. The Board of Education is responsible for setting policies, approving financial agreements, and setting the annual budget for USD 259, Wichita Public Schools.

Board of Education regular meetings are held once a month on Monday at 6 p.m. at the North High Lecture Hall. The next election involving the Wichita Public Schools Board of Education is in 2023.

Sedgwick County Commission

Sedgwick County is divided into five districts. Voters from each district elect one person to serve on the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). Commissioners are elected to a 4-year term. The BOCC has a number of legislative and administrative powers, including:

  • Approval of the county's annual budget
  • Levying of county taxes
  • Construction and maintenance of county roads and bridges
  • Serving as the local board of health
  • Providing a jail, courthouse, office space, and supplies for all county officers and the district court
  • BOCC meetings are typically held at 9 a.m. on Wednesdays, except for the last Wednesday of the month. Three seats are up for election in 2022.

    List of Sedgwick County Commission Candidates

    Sedgwick County Clerk

    The County Clerk is the official secretary for the Board of County Commissioners, recording county commission meeting minutes and producing written minutes for all commission meetings. The County Clerk's office is responsible for maintaining land records, issuing certain licenses and permits, and has duties related to property tax levies and tax roll preparation. The Sedgwick County Clerk is elected to a 4-year term. The position is listed on every Sedgwick County ballot and is next up for election in 2024.

    Sedgwick County Register of Deeds

    The office of the Register of Deeds is responsible for recording all real estate transactions within the county. The office maintains an online repository of land records dating back to January 1, 1969. The Sedgwick County Register of Deeds is elected to a 4-year term. The position is listed on every Sedgwick County ballot and is next up for election in 2024.

    Sedgwick County Sheriff

    The Sheriff's Office carries out law enforcement functions that local police departments do not, including district court security, civil process service, and operation of the Adult Detention Facility and Annex. The Sedgwick County Sheriff is elected to a 4-year term. The position is listed on every Sedgwick County ballot and is next up for election in 2024.

    Sedgwick County Treasurer

    The County Treasurer's office is responsible for collecting real estate, personal property, and motor vehicle taxes; commercial vehicle fees; special assessments; and other miscellaneous taxes for Sedgwick County cities, townships school districts, and other taxing jurisdictions. The County Treasurer is elected to a 4-year term. The position is listed on every Sedgwick County ballot and is next up for election in 2024.

    District Attorney

    The Office of the District Attorney prosecutes violations of criminal, juvenile, and traffic laws; enforces the Kansas Consumer Protection Act; initiates proceedings to protect abused and neglected children; and secures care and treatment in mental commitment cases. The District Attorney is elected to a 4-year term. The position is listed on every Sedgwick County ballot and is next up for election in 2024.

    District Court Judge

    Kansas has 31 judicial districts with varying numbers of judges. District courts are trial courts, with general original jurisdiction over all criminal and civil cases, including divorce and domestic relations, damage suits, probate and estate administration, guardianships, conservatorships, care of the mentally ill, juvenile matters, and small claims. Judges are elected to a 4-year term with no term limit. District 18, which has jurisdiction over Sedgwick County, has 28 district judges. All positions are listed on every Sedgwick County ballot. Eight of the 28 judges are up for election in 2022.

    List of District Court Judge Candidates

    Precinct Committeeman & Precinct Committeewoman

    Every two years, voters who have registered as either a Democrat or Republican vote to elect one man and one woman who live within their voting precinct and are members of their party to the position of precinct committeeman and woman. The work of these positions can vary, but generally includes:

    • Supporting the county and state political party's endorsed candidates
    • Volunteering in political campaigns
    • Voting on party leadership

    When a seat in the state legislature becomes vacant, the precinct committee members from that legislator's district and party vote on a replacement to serve the remainder of their term. Sedgwick County has 429 voting precincts with a total of 1,716 precinct committee positions. Every precinct committee position is up for election in the August Primary Election.

    List of Precinct Committee Candidates
    A map highlighting Sedgwick County districts 1, 4, and 5

    This Year's Sedgwick County Commission Races

    Sedgwick County Commission district boundaries changed on December 15, 2021. To check which district you are in, use the County's Find Your County Commissioner tool.

    Sedgwick County Commission: District 1 Candidates

    District 1 includes central and eastern portions of Wichita, as well as Bel Aire, Eastborough, portions of Kechi, and unincorporated parts of northeastern Sedgwick County.

    • Pete Meitzner (R-Wichita) (incumbent)

    Sedgwick County Commission: District 4 Candidates

    District 4 includes central and northern portions of Wichita, as well as Park City, Valley Center, Maize, portions of Kechi, the part of the city of Sedgwick that is in Sedgwick County, and unincorporated parts of northern Sedgwick County.

    • Ryan Baty (R-Maize)

    Lacey Cruse, the incumbent, has not filed as of May 18, 2022.

    Sedgwick County Commission: District 5 Candidates

    District 5 includes southeastern portions of Wichita, as well as Derby, the part of Mulvane that is in Sedgwick County, and unincorporated parts of southeastern Sedgwick County.

    District Court Judge Candidates

    Division 4

    • Robb W. Rumsey (R) (incumbent)

    Division 5

    • Seth Rundle (R) (incumbent)

    Division 7

    • Rodger Woods (R) (incumbent)

    Division 8

    • Richard A. "Rick" Macías (R) (incumbent)

    Division 15

    • David J. Kaufman (R) (incumbent)

    Division 17

    • Linda Kirby (R) (incumbent)

    Division 18

    • Faith Maughan (R) (incumbent)

    Division 19

    • Michael Hoelscher (R) (incumbent)

    Precinct Committee Candidates

    Precinct Committeeman Candidates, Democratic

    • Clint P. Raulsten, District 119
    • Marty Keenan, District 214
    • Patrick K. Cantwell, District 215
    • Chuck Schmidt, District 225
    • Russell S. Kennedy, District 404
    • Austin G. Gilson, District 406
    • John Carmichael, District 609
    • Bruce B. Blank, District 610
    • Benjamin Terrill, District 615
    • Jack Burnett Bergeson, District 622
    • John McIntosh, District DB42
    • Justin Shore, District NI

    Precinct Committeewoman Candidates, Democratic

    • Elizabeth Bishop, 209
    • Lisa C. Tatum, 601
    • Brenda Penney, 602
    • Cheryl A. Carmichael, 609
    • Holly Terrill, 615
    • Lisa McIntosh, DB42
    • Deb Shepard, NI

    Precinct Committeeman Candidates, Republican

    • Fred Pinaire, District 207
    • Mark Kahrs, District 214
    • Benjamin C. Seymore, District 228
    • Richard Rowe, District 236
    • Drake Robinson, District 240
    • Earl Martling, District 305
    • Robert Pell, District 306
    • David J. Robbins, District 308
    • Michael A. Fletcher, District 314
    • Jason Carmichael, District 314
    • Stephan Wherrell, District 404
    • Dalton Glasscock, District 405
    • Chuck Wright, District 418
    • Alfred P. Besser, Jr., District 503
    • Steven N. Ricke, District 504
    • Gary W. Bond, District 507
    • Pat Lucia, District 510
    • Bill Thompson, District 518
    • Karl E. Peterjohn, District 522
    • Kelly Arnold, District 526
    • James A. Hodges, District 526
    • Hollis D. Stabler, District 608
    • Micheal J. Sampson, District 618
    • Scott Davis, District 622
    • Charles W. Mullen, District 623
    • Jim Benage, District BA03
    • Dennis Burns, District DB23
    • Joseph Elmore, District DB36
    • James Rodman, District GO05
    • Russ Kessler, District HA42
    • Vance A. Burns, District NI
    • Travis Davis, District PA01
    • Ben Sauceda, District PC31
    • Chad Adkins, District SA01
    • Carl Maughan, District UN01
    • Dennis D. Leierer, District UN02
    • David E Crockett, District VC11
    • Jonathan L. Bender, District VC31

    Precinct Committeewoman Candidates, Republican

    • Kathryn D. Cooper, District 102
    • Karen Ackerman, District 109
    • Andrea D. West, District 127
    • Sandy Pickert, District 207
    • Sheila E. Tigert, District 214
    • Patty L. Weniger, District 218
    • Teresa Burns, District 225
    • Karen Rowe, District 236
    • Kendra Edwards, District 310
    • Terri Howard, District 311
    • Mary A. Stang, District 406
    • Mary K Ricke, District 504
    • Kathy Bond, District 507
    • Deb Lucia, District 510
    • Jessica Pereira, District 515
    • Rose Anne Frey, District 519
    • Marcia K. Brungardt, District 522
    • Judy S. Park, District 531
    • Hazel L. Stabler, District 608
    • Cheryl L. Burke, District 619
    • Rebecca Davis, District 622
    • Vickie Strelow, District AT01
    • Kim M. Gish, District BA03
    • Catherine L. Boote, District DB11
    • Julie Johnson, District DB14
    • Laura Leigh Bailey, District DB22
    • Marilyn York, District DB23
    • Leah Howell, District DB36
    • Kathy Sexton, District DB36
    • Linnea Nicholson, District LI
    • Marcia R. Burns, District NI
    • Sandra Waldschmidt, District RO01
    • Laura Adkins, District SA01
    • Belinda B Crockett, District VC11
    • Judith A. Gariepy, District VC42

    This page last updated on May 18, 2022. For a list of all candidates for office in Sedgwick County, visit the Sedgwick County Election Office's website.
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