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U.S. Congressional Elections

This page will be updated to list the general election races after the canvass for the primary election has been completed. The canvass is scheduled for August 14.

Senators represent the entire population of a state in the United States Senate. Each state has two senators serving 6-year terms. In Kansas, one of the Senate seats is up for election in 2020. The other seat is next up for election in 2022.

Representatives are divided into districts based on population. Most states have more than one district. In Kansas, there are four congressional districts representing four sections of the state in the United States House of Representatives. Each representative serves a 2-year term, and all are up for election in 2020.


Incumbent Senator Pat Roberts has announced that he will not seek re-election in 2020.

Democratic Candidates

Republican Candidates

House of Representatives

A map highlighting the fourth congressional district of Kansas

Wichita and much of south-central Kansas are in the fourth congressional district.

Democratic Candidate

Republican Candidate

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