Photograph Collection Reproduction

Services and Permissions

As part of its public service mission, the Wichita Public Library provides reproductions of items from its photograph collection for personal, research or commercial use. Images contained in the library-sponsored digital collections may be downloaded and printed for personal use at no charge for access, though printing fees will be charged if images are printed from the Library’s public computer workstations (See REF-003 Public Computer Workstations ). High-resolution digital images for personal use or for publication and copies of Wichita Public Library photo holdings not contained in the library-sponsored digital collections may be obtained upon request. Fees to offset the cost of delivering these images will be charged. The Library reserves the right to choose the resolution and format and to limit quantities of items reproduced for its users. If an image is to be reproduced in any type of publication, CD-ROM, broadcast, exhibition, web site, etc., written permission is required and use fees may be assessed. Using a reproduction of an image from the Library’s collections without the Library’s official written permission is strictly prohibited.

Copyrighted Material

The nature of historical archival collections means that copyright or other information about restrictions may be difficult or even impossible to determine. Whenever possible, the Library provides information about copyright owners and other restrictions in the catalog records, finding aids, special-program illustration captions and other texts that accompany collections. The Library provides such information as a service, but it is the customer’s obligation to determine and satisfy copyright and other use restrictions when publishing or otherwise distributing materials found in the Library’s collections. A reproduction and use agreement confirming the customer’s knowledge of copyright obligations is required for all requests to reproduce or use Library images.

Delivery of Material

Images will be copied within two to three business days after receiving the full payment of the necessary fees and a completed Reproduction Agreement Form. Images retrieved from the Advanced Learning Library may be delivered through regular delivery by the U.S. Post Office, or may be delivered electronically. Expedited mail delivery may be made at the customer’s expense. The Library requires prepayment of all required fees and a completed Reproduction Agreement Form before the delivery or use of the images.

Use Agreements and Fees

All customers wishing to obtain copies of Wichita Public Library photographs or to use Wichita Public Library photographs for other than personal or research purposes will be asked to complete a reproduction and use agreement specifying the intended use of the images and detailing the processing and use fees due to the Library in exchange for that use. Fees are charged for the non-exclusive use of images as outlined in the reproduction and use agreement. Subsequent use or reuse of the images will require completion of a new reproduction and use agreement. Use fees are assessed in addition to reproduction charges. The Library reserves the right to waive fees or to set requirements on an individual basis at its discretion.

Scanned Images

Scanned images are copies of items owned by the Wichita Public Library. The Library will not make any adjustments or manipulate the images. All files are scanned at a minimum of 300 DPI. Higher resolution files can be available upon request, but may incur a new scan fee. Images are available in JPEG or TIFF (archival) formats. Scanning the items with the customer’s own equipment is not permitted.

Photographing Images

Photographing of images owned by the Wichita Public Library is allowed under the following conditions: 1) the image(s) are being reproduced for personal research purposes; 2) a use agreement has been completed documenting the image(s) being reproduced; 3) camera flash is disabled; 4) the image(s) are kept within protective sleeves or removed only by someone wearing gloves; and 5) a copy of the Library’s repository card is included in each photograph.

Book Jacket Use

The fee for the use of an image on a book jacket includes the use of the item in the direct promotion of the work. Wider use of any kind, including derivative products, will require renegotiation.

Web Page Use

Web page use covers the single use of an image on the Internet such as on a web page, in a streaming video, or published in an electronic book or magazine. Images used in a commercial advertisement on the Internet fall under the heading of resale/advertising commercial use or resale/advertising nonprofit/government use.

Nonprofit Use

Nonprofit fees are applicable only to those organizations recognized as having nonprofit status. A commercial company providing contract work for a nonprofit will fall under the commercial use fees. Use by a government department or agency will fall under the nonprofit use fees.


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