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Use Fees

Processing Fees

Processing fees offset the cost of scanning and/or copying digital images from the Library’s photograph collections. Payment of all fees must be made when submitting an order. If an order is arranged via e-mail or telephone, payment must arrive prior to the delivery of the digital image. Digital versions of images are generally provided at low resolution (less than 300 dpi), in .TIF or .JPG format. If a higher-resolution image is requested, other fees may apply. Digital photographs will be delivered to customers by burning images to a CD-ROM, electronically through the Internet, or saved to a memory device provided by the customer. Scanning images with a customer’s own equipment, or faxing images, is not permitted.

Processing fee to save images to CD-ROM, provide electronically through the Internet, or save to a memory device provided by the customer$10.00 per image

Use Fees

Use fees are charged for commercial use of Wichita Public Library images. No use fees are charged for non-commercial use in print publications issued by nonprofit societies or agencies, government departments or agencies, or for scholarly use (publication in scholarly works with circulation less than 10,000 copies or university press publications with print runs of 5,000 copies or less). Additionally, no use fees are charged for the use of photographs in newspaper articles, newscasts or non-commercial documentaries. Credit must be given to the Edward and Elizabeth Burns Historical Research Pavilion, Wichita Public Library, whether or not a use fee is charged. Publication use fees are assessed in addition to processing fees outlined above.

Books, videotapes, DVDs, brochures and other printed materials5,000 copies and under$20.00 per image
5,001 – 15,000 copies$35.00 per image
15,001 – 25,000 copies$50.00 per image
25,001 – 50,000 copies$75.00 per image
Over 50,000 copies$100.00 per image
Serials (magazines, journals)Circulation of 5,000 or less$15.00 per image
5,001 – 9,999$35.00 per image
10,000 and up$50.00 per image
Commercial decorative displays (e.g. restaurants)Each image$25.00 per image
Book jacketEach image$75.00 per image
Commercial films or televisionEach image$100.00 per image
Non-commercial films or television: nonprofit or governmentEach image$5.00 per image
Filmstrip or slide showEach image$20.00 per image
Resale/advertising: commercial useEach image$100.00 per image
Resale/advertising: nonprofit/government useEach image$5.00 per image for the first five images, $10 per image for images six to ten, and with additional images priced at similar incremental rates
Web page use: nonprofit/government useEach image$5.00 per image
Web page use: commercial useEach image$50.00 per image


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