Copy, Fax & Print

A photocopier is next to a print release station


Photocopiers are available at all library locations. Copies cost:

  • Black & white: 20¢ per page for single-sided and 40¢ per page for double-sided
  • Color: $1 per page for single-sided and $2 per page for double-sided


Fax service is available at most library locations. At this time, the Rockwell Branch Library is unable to offer fax service.

  • The cost is $1 per page.
  • Outgoing faxes only. The Library cannot accept incoming faxes.
  • We offer local and long distance faxing. We cannot fax internationally at this time.


Printing from public computers is available at all library locations.

  • Printing is 10¢ per page and in black and white only.
  • Print jobs are stored for 24 hours.

Mobile Printing

You can also send print jobs to the Library from your home computer, laptop, or most mobile devices using email, a mobile app, or a special website.

  • Send or forward an email with attachment(s) to the email address of the printer. Each location has its own printer email address:

    • Advanced Learning Library:
    • Alford Branch:
    • Angelou Branch:
    • Rockwell Branch:
    • Walters Branch:
    • Westlink Branch:

    To retrieve your print job, go to that library location during normal business hours.

    Once your job has been sent, you will receive a confirmation email from PrinterOn PrintSpots. The email will include the location, the hours of operation, a description of the job type and the amount per page to print.

    NOTE: An email with attachments will send multiple print jobs: One for the email message and one for each attachment.

  • Search for PrinterOn in your device's app store or find at the PrinterOn website.

    Once you have downloaded the PrinterOn app, you will need to find our printers. Use GPS-based discovery or search for Wichita Public Library to find a printer near you.

    After locating a printer, tap Save to save the printer information. The printer can be used later under the Saved Printers tab.

    screenshot of the PrinterOn app
    To Print a Document from the App:
    1. Launch the app.
    2. Select your printer by scanning a QR code, selecting a saved printer or searching for a new printer.
    3. Confirm the printer you wish to submit to is shown in the Printer box on the app's Home page.
    4. Tap Documents, Photos, or Web.
    5. Locate and tap on the desired document, photo, or web page.
    6. A preview of the print job should appear.
    7. To select copies and page range where applicable, tap the option icon in the top right corner.
    8. Tap Print to submit your job.
    9. To retrieve your print job, go to that library location during normal business hours.
    1. Select the library location where you wish to pick up your print job:
    2. To retrieve your print job, go to that library location during normal business hours.
    3. NOTE: Printing from a secure website is not available. (For example, if you make a purchase and would like to print the receipt page, you may have to download it as a .pdf or have it sent to you as an email.)
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