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It's no secret we love books. Now you can listen to our podcast and get reading recommendations from your local librarians and monthly special guests.

Read. Return. Repeat. is a podcast produced by the staff of the Wichita Public Library and a companion to the #ReadICT reading challenge. Join our hosts, who examine selected categories from the challenge on a monthly basis. Each episode will take a closer look at a particular category, featuring interviews from subject specialists along with book recommendations. Listeners will explore categories as they relate to culture, education, accessibility, and history.

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Season 4, Episode 2: The (Neuro) Spice Must Flow (April 5, 2024)

Sara and Daniel are joined by Ian and Jenny, who work behind the scenes on Read. Return. Repeat., to discuss ReadICT Category 5: A book by or about someone who is neurodivergent. In this informal chat, they talk about how they define neurodivergence, common myths about people with conditions like ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism, and why accurate representation in media of people who think or act differently than the accepted norm can help everyone embrace being different. Also, there may or may not be Dune spoilers.

Works Mentioned in Season 4, Episode 2

All Episodes

  • Season 4 of Read. Return. Repeat. premiered on January 26, 2024 with guests Beth Golay and Suzanne Perez from the Books & Whatnot podcast. The four hosts talked about the #ReadICT 2024 challenge and made numerous reading recommendations for each category of the challenge.

    Season 4 Episodes Guest Listen Watch Transcript Show Notes Works Mentioned
    0: #ReadICT 2024 Kickoff Live (January 26, 2024) Beth Golay & Suzanne Perez
    1: Gotta Collect 'Em All (the feelings) (February 23, 2024) Ross Gay
    2: The (Neuro) Spice Must Flow (April 5, 2024) Our production team
  • Season 3 of Read. Return. Repeat. premiered on January 13, 2023 with a special crossover episode with Books & Whatnot. The four hosts – and some guests – shared several recommendations in each of the categories in the #ReadICT 2023 challenge. Each successive episode features an interview with an author whose work fits into a category in the challenge.

    Season 3 Episodes Guest Listen Watch Transcript Show Notes Works Mentioned
    0: ReadICT 2023 Kickoff: Live with Books & Whatnot (January 13, 2023) Beth Golay & Suzanne Perez
    1: All You Can Read Buffet (February 17, 2023) Arielle Zibrak
    2: I Want to Be Where the Humans Aren't (March 20, 2023) C. Robert Cargill
    3: The (Burial) Plot Thickens (April 21, 2023) Hayley Campbell
    4: Cult(ural) Studies (May 19, 2023) Robyn Chapman
    5: Yaaaas (Siren) Queen (June 28, 2023) Nghi Vo
    6: Life in the Vast Plains (July 28, 2023) David Heska Wanbli Weiden
    7: Legends, Librarians and Lattes (August 25, 2023) Travis Baldree
    8: 50 Years of Flatpickin' (October 27, 2023) Seth Bate
    9: Chillin' Like a Villain (December 1, 2023) Natalie Zina Walschots
    10: Volcano Lair? In This Economy? (December 22, 2023) John Scalzi
  • Season 2, hosted by librarians Sara Dixon and Daniel Pewewardy, had nine episodes. Guests included seven authors, an English literature professor, a bookseller, and a librarian.

    Season 2 Episodes Guest Listen Watch Transcript Show Notes Books Mentioned
    1: The Books are Back in Town (April 8, 2022) Kate Khavari
    2: Checked Out (May 6, 2022) Zack McDermott
    3: Read, Reread, Repeat (June 3, 2022) Jaime Nix
    4: A Story for Everyone (July 1, 2022) That Native Thomas
    5: A Plate of Culture (August 5, 2022) Nina Mukherjee Furstenau
    6: There's an End to This Monster Book (September 2, 2022) Dr. Francis Connor
    7: Banned Books Week Live (October 7, 2022) Sherman Alexie, Sarah Bagby & Jaime Nix
    8: An Episode for Every Body (November 4, 2022) Rebekah Taussig
    9: No Place Like Home (December 5, 2022) Silas House
  • Season 1 was hosted by librarian Sara McNeil. Guests included ReadICT creator Suzanne Perez, two published authors, and people from a number of literary, academic, and cultural institutions.

    Season 1 Episodes Guest Listen Watch Transcript Books Mentioned
    1: What's in a Name? (March 5, 2021) Suzanne Perez
    2: Own Voices (April 2, 2021) Prisca Barnes
    3: Birds of a Feather (May 7, 2021) Todd Volkmann
    4: The Peerless Princess of the Plains (June 4, 2021) Jami Frazier Tracy
    5: Free to Read What I Want (July 2, 2021) Deborah Caldwell-Stone
    6: Literature from the Heartland (August 6, 2021) Eric Norris
    7: Doctor by Day, Illustrator by Night (September 3, 2021) Grant Snider
    8: TBR and Ready! (October 1, 2021) Sarah Bagby
    9: Planting Seeds of Change (November 5, 2021) Dr. Catherine John
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