Get a Library Card

A pre-teen holds a Wichita Public Library borrower's card

Welcome to your library!

You can get a free Wichita Public Library card at any library location, or you can begin the registration process online.

Pre-register Online

Pre-registration will give you a temporary library card number allowing you to place hold requests on physical materials, but will not work with electronic resources like databases and e-books. After pre-registering, you must visit a Wichita Public Library location to complete the registration process and obtain your permanent library card.

Choose Your Card

Anyone may open a free Wichita Public Library account to obtain either a borrower's card or an e-card. Students enrolled in Wichita Public Schools are also eligible to receive a student e-card.

There are some differences in the services offered between a borrower's card and an e-card:

Service Borrower's Card E-card
3D Printing  
AV Studio  
Checking out e-books, e-audiobooks & e-magazines
Checking out physical materials  
Computers & Wi-Fi
Interlibrary Loan  
Online databases
Test Proctoring

Getting a Borrower's Card

Proof of identity with name and proof of current address are necessary to get a borrower's card.

Getting an E-card

Photo identification with name and date of birth is necessary to get an e-card. Address verification is not required for an e-card.

Some examples of acceptable I.D. to obtain a library card are:

  • Driver's license
  • Kansas ID card
  • Government-issued ID
  • Passport

Borrower's cards for people under 18 are linked to their signing adult's library card. The adult is financially responsible for all items checked out on the card. Minors can use their adult's identification for address verification.

If your library card is ever lost or stolen, notify the Library immediately so we can block it from being used. A replacement library card costs $2.

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