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Traveling with the Wichita Public Library

Posted on 4/22/2022 by Carlynn P.
Planning a trip or vacation? Let the Wichita Public Library help!
The Complete Guide to the National Parks of the USA book cover


The Library has tons of different travel guides for any location in which you may be interested! Many books on specific locations, like Walt Disney World, are updated yearly, so you can get the most recent information.

Computers or Wi-Fi

Need to book a flight, reserve a hotel, or secure a rental car? All Wichita Public Library locations have computers and W-Fi available for use with a library card, or check out a hotspot and plan everything from the comfort of your home. Also, the Advanced Learning Library has a kiosk to check out a laptop or Chromebook for use anywhere in the building.

Traveling Out of the Country

Need a passport or renewal? Call the Alford Branch to set up an appointment today! Find out more information about passports on the Library's website under Services.

Not feeling comfortable with the native language of your destination? The Library has tons of books and audiobooks to help you feel confident having conversations with natives! You can also learn a language using Mango, a free language learning website and app, accessed via your library card.

National Geographic Beginner's United States Atlas book cover

For the Kids

Before the trip, check out some books on your destination for the kids. They can learn about the geography and the history, as well as some random facts! Many travel guides also have a kid's version… let them get involved!

The Home Edit book cover


Not sure what to pack? Most travel guides have helpful information on what you may need. Also, many home organization books have helpful tips on efficient packing. My favorite tip? Bring water bottles! They don't have to be nice, they are tons cheaper than buying water anywhere you go, and more sustainable!

On the Way

Before you go, make sure to check out a few books for the drive or flight. When going on road trips, my family often listens to an audiobook. Be careful not to pack too many books, you may need room for souvenirs on the way back!

Short story dispenser at the airport


Right now at Wichita's airport, don't forget to check out the Wichita Public Library Short Story Dispenser! The short story dispenser is free, no library card required. They have stories for all ages. The best part is these stories are printed with thermal technology, so there is no waste! Be warned: the stories are printed on receipt style paper, so they can get rather long!

Safe travels!

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