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5 Ways to Get Started with Bullet Journaling

Posted on 4/15/2022 by Alice U., Grade 11

Are you interested in bullet journaling but don't know where to start? You have come to the right place! In this blog post, I will discuss five ways to get started with bullet journaling to lead to an enjoyable experience!

  1. Check out Ryder Carroll's book The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future

    This book by Carroll goes into the nicks and grits about bullet journals. It is an excellent read for an overview of what bullet journaling is and how to get started.

  2. Buy the Supplies

    If you search for supplies for bullet journaling, there is an overwhelming selection of supplies to choose from (some can be expensive). However, to start a bullet journal, all you simply need is a journal, pens, and markers. Many use other supplies like Washi tape or stickers, and those are optional and dependent for each person. You can even buy a bullet journal kit that will give you all the supplies you need to get started. You can buy more based on what you want and need:

    • Bullet journal - I recommend looking for a bullet journal that has at least 100 pages with at least 160 GSM. GSM refers to the page thickness, and your bullet journal should be thick enough to not have apparent bleeding through.
    • Pens/Markers - There are so many options out there for pens or markers to use with your bullet journal. When looking online, choose one with plenty of reviews as they will give an indication of how good the product is.
  3. Join Wichita Public Library's High School Journaling Club!

    This is a great way to join a community of people who share your interest in bullet journaling. From beginners to those who are experienced, it is a great way to learn more about bullet journaling from others your age. It happens once a month and you share your progress with others.

  4. YouTube Videos

    If you go on YouTube and simply search "bullet journaling," you will find multiple inspiration on how to do your weekly or monthly setups in your journal. YouTube is a great source to watch videos and learn tricks on how to bullet journal.

  5. Pinterest!

    Pinterest is a great way to save future ideas and find more inspiration for journal entries. I personally use Pinterest to save monthly spreads I want to base my future entries. Pinterest is also helpful with writing prompts.

Overall, not only is bullet journaling a great way to plan and manage one's time, but it is also a great creative outlet. I hope this guide helps you get started with bullet journaling. Have fun! 🤩

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