Statement of Philosophy

The Policy Manual of the Wichita Public Library contains the general policies of the Library with regard to the following:

  1. The mission of the Library and the responsibilities of the Library Board of Directors as well as the divisions of the Library;
  2. The basic principles of materials selection, accessibility to materials, and confidentiality of customers’ records;
  3. Available services and the policies for the use of these services;
  4. The rights and responsibilities of customers and staff; and
  5. Fee schedules related to Library services.

The Library Board of Directors establishes policy. Recommendations for policy may come from the Director of Libraries or from staff, but it is the responsibility of the governing board to officially determine and adopt policies.

The Policy Manual of the Wichita Public Library will be updated on a continual basis and reviewed in its entirety each year by the Library Board.


Mission Statement

The Wichita Public Library provides collections and services that inform, entertain and enrich the quality of life in Wichita.


Vision Statement

The Wichita Public Library will be the community's preferred knowledge resource, providing inviting libraries, superb collections and excellent service.


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