Library Partnerships

The Library seeks and encourages partnerships with non-profit organizations, governments, commercial entities, and other groups to expand the capacity of Library programs and services provided to the community.

A partnership is defined as a collaboration that results in an exchange of services, use of facilities, a newly-created service or event, or other transactions between the Library and another entity. While the Library and the other entity may not have identical goals, the goals should be complementary and not contradictory. Each partner should contribute to the enterprise.

The purpose of such partnerships is to create new opportunities that further the missions of the Library and its partner(s), and that improve the quality of life in the community. The Library will seek and respond to opportunities to partner with organizations to reach new audiences and cross promote Library services and offerings. A successful partnership will build on the strength of each partner, and reach new or shared constituencies that neither partner working alone could serve as well.

Certain guidelines apply in deciding the specific nature and conditions of acceptable partnerships. These include:

  • All partnerships must be consistent with the Library’s philosophy and mission, vision and values. They should not drive the Library’s agenda or priorities.
  • All partnerships must be consistent with the Library’s policy of equal access to service. Partnerships must not give unfair advantage to, or create discriminations against, any sectors of the community.
  • The Library will seek partnerships with organizations for delivery of library services or space within facilities.
  • Partnership decisions shall be made consistent with all other policies of the Wichita Public Library.
  • To create new partnership relationships, the Library and the potential partner will prepare a set of responsibilities that will outline each party’s activities that form the partnership.

The Library Board of Directors delegates development of partnerships to the Director of Libraries and designated department staff.

The Library welcomes expressions of opinion from customers concerning library partnerships. Customer concerns about a Library partnership should be shared with the Library staff member. A customer who wishes to continue a request for review of a partnership may submit a Request for Review form . A committee of employees will be appointed to review the information provided by the customer and to make a decision regarding the concern. Customers who disagree with the findings of a Review Committee may appeal the decision to the Director of Libraries, and then to the Library Board of Directors.


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