Handouts and Bulletin Boards

At its discretion the Library will provide reasonable space for announcements and notices of programs and activities sponsored by civic, cultural, employment and educational groups. Most material is displayed for no more than one month. When space is limited, preference is given to organizations and agencies in Wichita.

The Library's Communications Specialist is responsible for approving material for display and distribution through the Wichita Public Library system. Material of specific interest to individual neighborhoods or areas of the city may be approved by Branch Managers.

The display of commercial and/or political advertising is prohibited.

Distribution or posting of materials by the Library does not indicate the Library's endorsement of the issues or events promoted by those materials.


Petitioning or Distribution of Literature in Libraries

Members of the public are not allowed to petition, solicit, distribute literature or materials, canvas or make similar appeals in libraries. Such activity will not be allowed on Library grounds if doing so impedes the safety of customers or staff, impedes access by the public to the building, or interferes with the use of the building, such as through excessive noise.


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