Meeting Room Policy

People sitting at circular tables in the Advanced Learning Library's conference center

We encourage neighborhood and community groups to take advantage of our versatile meeting rooms.


Library meeting rooms are available to any group or individual, with the following exceptions:

  • Groups or individuals whose intent is to use a room for retail sales or monetary gain, which includes the receipt or solicitation of contribution, donations, or attendees' personal information for future sales or solicitations.
  • Groups or individuals whose purpose is illegal.
  • Groups or individuals whose conduct would interfere with the proper functioning of Library business.
  • At the Advanced Learning Library, use of some meeting spaces is restricted to activities aligned with the special purposes of the rooms and/or the pavilions in which the rooms exist. These include the Dondlinger Children's Gallery and Children's Theatre within the Children's Pavilion, the Hyde Conference Room within the Burns Historical Research Pavilion, the Evergy Energy Technology Training Center within the Digital Pavilion and the Eakins TEC-Novation Room.

Reserving a Meeting Room

Make your reservation by contacting the desired location. Reservations are made on a first-come/first-served basis, but are considered tentative until both a completed meeting room agreement and full payment are received. Tentative reservations will be cancelled after ten working days.

  • Unless contracted for after-hours use, meeting rooms must be vacated 15 minutes prior to closing time.
  • Advanced Learning Library staff will be responsible for set-up and restoration of rooms in that building. Meeting room users should not alter the room set without prior approval of Library staff.
  • At branch libraries, employees are not generally available to assist with meeting room set up. Meeting room users assume full responsibility for arranging the meeting room, restoring it to its original condition, and leaving it in good order.

Evergy Energy Technology Training Center

The following additional policies apply to the rental of the Evergy Technology Training Center:

  • If a Technology Training Center rental must be cancelled because of technical failure, the session may be rescheduled at no extra charge or all rental fees will be reimbursed.
  • The policies and procedures as set forth in the Wichita Public Library Internet Access and Acceptable Use Policy shall apply to the use of the Evergy Technology Training Center. The Library's Acceptable Use Policy applies to all use of the Library's computers. All data added during a TTC session will be removed after the session's completion.
Meeting room rental rates


  • Wireless internet access is available in all meeting rooms and can be requested at the time of contracting a room.
  • Equipment varies by location. Most spaces include ceiling-mounted projectors with screens or wall-mounted digital display screens, which are available at no additional charge. The Library does not provide staff to operate any equipment. Equipment must be requested at the time of contracting the room. Changes to equipment needs will be accepted up to 48 hours prior to the meeting date.

Food and Drink

Refreshments, except alcoholic beverages, may be served in meeting spaces of all library locations if they are kept inside the meeting room.


Need to cancel? All rental fees will be refunded if a reservation is cancelled two or more days prior to the meeting date. Cancellations with less than two days' notice will result in a forfeiture of all rental fees. A refund will be issued if dangerous weather or other conditions necessitate the Library's unscheduled closing.

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