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Welcome to your library!

You can get a free Wichita Public Library card at any library location, or you can begin the registration process online.

Pre-register Online

Pre-registration will give you a temporary library card number allowing you to place hold requests on physical materials, but will not work with electronic resources like databases and e-books. After pre-registering, you must visit a Wichita Public Library location to complete the registration process and obtain your permanent library card.

Choose Your Card

Anyone may open a free Wichita Public Library account to obtain either a borrower's card or an e-card. There are some differences in the services offered between a borrower's card and an e-card:

Service Borrower's Card E-card
3D Printing  
AV Studio  
Checking out e-books, e-audiobooks & e-magazines
Checking out physical materials  
Computers & Wi-Fi
Interlibrary Loan  
Online databases
Test Proctoring

Getting a Borrower's Card

Proof of identity with name and proof of current address are necessary to get a borrower's card. Photo identification is preferred but not required.

Getting an E-card

Photo identification with name and date of birth is necessary to get an e-card. Address verification is not required for an e-card.

Some examples of acceptable I.D. to obtain a library card are:

  • Driver's license
  • Kansas ID card
  • Government-issued ID
  • Passport

People under the age of 18 will need an adult to get a library card. The adult will be financially responsible for all items checked out on the card. Minors may use their adult's identification for address verification.

Kansas Library eCard

In addition to your Wichita Public Library borrower's card or e-card, you may be eligible to receive a Kansas Library eCard. The Kansas Library eCard is a free service provided by the State Library of Kansas in Topeka that grants access to online resources like research databases, e-books, and e-audiobooks.

What You Can Borrow

The following information applies to most people with a borrower's card. Non-Kansas residents are limited to two items checked out at any time.

Material Type Loan Period (Days) Checkout Limit** Maximum Requests
Blu-ray 28 No Limit 50
Blu-ray (New) 7 4 8
Book 28 No Limit 50
Book (New) 14 No Limit 50
Book Set 42* 20 0
DVD 28 No Limit 50
DVD (New) 7 8 16
E-book & E-audiobook 7, 14, or 21 8 16
E-magazine 7, 14, or 21 No Limit None
Kit 14* 2 4
Laptop & Chromebook 3 hours* 1 0
Library of Things 14 or 28*** 2 4
Literary Resource 56 No Limit 50
Magazine 14 No Limit 50
Motor Manual 14 4 8
Music CD 28 No Limit 50
Playaway Launchpad Tablet 14 2 4
Playaway/Playaway Wonderbook 28 8 16
Schematic 14 No Limit 50
Spoken CD 28 No Limit 50

* No renewals
** Total physical checkouts cannot exceed 150 items. Does not apply to e-books, e-audiobooks, or e-magazines.
*** Internet bundles check out for 28 days. All other Library of Things items check out for 14 days.


A card association grants another person limited access to your library account. This is typically used to allow a friend or family member to pick up your hold requests. An association also allows that person to pay fees, renew materials, and obtain a list of items currently checked out. The My Record page on the Library's catalog will show you a list of all the people associated with your account.

Starting an Association

Association requests may be made in person, by telephone, or online. This will grant another person access to your account, but you will not have access to that person's account unless they also submit an association request.

Minors are automatically associated with the account of the adult who signs for their library card. The signing adult may allow additional adults to be associated with the minor's account.

Stopping an Association

Any adult may request to have an association removed immediately. Requests may be made in person, by telephone, or online.

Rules & Responsibilities

You are responsible for any items charged to your account. Do not let others borrow your library card. If it is lost or stolen, notify the Library immediately. A replacement card costs $2.

Materials may be returned to any Wichita Public Library facility, no matter where they are checked out. Materials drops are available at all locations.

If an item you want is checked out, you may be added to a waiting list. We can notify you by e-mail, text message, or phone call. Once notified that your items are being held for you, please pick them up before the end of the reserve period. For each item not picked up prior to that date, a $1 unclaimed fee will be charged. If you no longer need an item you requested, please contact the location holding the item to cancel the request so your account will not be charged and to make the item available for other customers. If you plan to travel, you can inactivate a request until your return, saving your spot in the request queue.

Good Standing

Some services require a library card in good standing. Your account is in good standing when the amount of fees or lost charges is below $10 and there are no items more than 15 days overdue.

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