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Transforming Together

Look around and you'll find people in Wichita working to improve their lives and make our community a better place. Whether it's learning skills for a better job or discovering a new passion, the Wichita Public Library offers the materials and resources to help you explore, learn and transform the future for you and for our community. And we're transforming too, by constantly adding new digital services and technology resources, all free and available with just a library card.

  • I grew up in Detroit. When I was six or seven, two friends and I rode our bikes, and stopped in the library because it was cool. The librarian asked if we had library cards. We said we did not. She gave them to us. After that, I checked out 6 books every two weeks. I did that for years. I won the spelling bee at my school. The prize was a dictionary with my name on the cover in gold. Later, I majored in journalism. That’s my library story.


  • The Library is so awesome because you can have peace and quiet.

    Alford Branch visitor

  • Somewhere between third and fourth grade, I discovered the alternate universe of literature. Day after day through the heat of the summer, I was transported to other worlds in those books. They fueled my imagination. In one week I had devoured 8-10 books and begged mom to take me to the Library for more. My older siblings teased me by saying I should just live there and they would send sandwiches.

    I am not well-travelled, but I have discovered people and places and events in books as a virtual traveler.

    Westlink Branch visitor

  • It is hard to say the library has "transformed" my life because I have never had a life without the library being a big part of my existence. As a very young child in Salina my mom would take me to the library and let me go alone to the Children’s library (those were the days!). The WPL is a true gem – wonderful staff and a haven for intellectual citizens in a state transformed. Thank you!

    WPL Century Reading Club Member

  • As a quote once said, 'a book is a friend that is always ready to talk to you,' and I believe this quote is true on multiple levels including an emotional level, considering that at a time when I was depressed, I started to read the first book in the Twilight saga. I was hooked. …it was an amazing experience being able to be happy again.

    Alford Branch visitor

  • I grew up in Wichita & used the Wichita Public Library. I loved the library! I got books from the (air-conditioned!) bookmobile. I signed up for the Mary Poppins Summer Reading program in 1966. And I did my first big research projects at the new downtown library: one on praying mantises and one on Nader's Raiders. It transformed my life, and now I am a librarian at that very library. I doubt anyone who knew me as a kid would be surprised that this is what I would do for a living. I enjoy helping the community the way it helped me.


  • The library has given me the motivation and inspiration to better myself.

    Rockwell Branch visitor

  • Even though most major money stores & Dillons has cancelled fax as outdated, some documents still require the fax system. Thank you for still supporting this system. It has helped me greatly with mileage statements being sent to the insurance carrier.


  • The library is a non-fattening feast for the heart, the mind, and soul! The library does not discriminate. For every book or every word of hatred and discrimination and submission to violence, there are literally hundreds of books and millions of words offering a celebration of life and elevating humanity to the highest level of achievements and peace beneficial to all humankind. The library cannot lie nor can the library tolerate the distortion of truth.

    Alford Branch visitor

  • For the past few years, I have been educating myself about organic gardening, healthy eating, vegan and vegetarianism, and environmental and sustainable issues. I have read just about every book the library has to offer on these topics and have gained a great education, a whole new way of eating, and a wonderful organic and wildlife-friendly garden. I don’t know where I would have gotten such a great education without the library.


  • On a day when I was bored with my life I wandered the aisles of the Westlink Library searching for something of interest. I discovered a book that ultimately taught me to write software in web page language. So I'm here today at Westlink wondering what I can do tomorrow. That book over there looks interesting.

    Westlink Branch visitor

  • I can't count the books, film, & events from @wichitalibrary that have transformed my life!


  • I have been reading daily since about the age of 7. The public library has always been my source of extreme enrichment. I have gone all over the world, by reading books that took me far and wide. Reading is the most pleasurable thing I do in life (besides breathing). I love visting the Wichita Public Library and the adventure of searching for books on my list. I love real books; the feel, the smell, the texture of the page, and the handy size of the book. And of course, the pleasure and knowledge I attain through reading!


  • Libraries have always felt safe to me, hushed retreats from too many people, havens when adjusting to an unfamiliar place. I’ve frequented the Wichita Library at half a dozen locations and volunteered at my local branch. I love new books, classic books, picture books, and banned books. I love the smell and feel of dead trees coming alive with meaning again in my hands. The riches that are the Wichita Public Library taught me to dream and enabled me to transform myself into the person, the mom, the lover – the Woman – I imagined. I believe in pursuing answers to questions one is afraid to voice, & thanks to the library, I could always afford to do that.


  • My childhood would not have been complete without books on tape for road trips, courtesy of a public library


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