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Listen Up: Four Podcasts to Check Out

Posted on 4/29/2022 by James U.

Sometimes I enjoy listening to my book instead of reading it. Audiobooks allow me to do other things like chores or homework (or sometimes nothing) while listening to a new book. The audio format really allows for more things, like emotions in the voices, and different voices for each person.

If you love audiobooks, you may like podcasts. I've been listening to podcasts ever since I heard them on the radio when I was younger. Podcasts have many different topics by many diverse creators. Many can be found to listen to through your favorite music streaming app. Here are some of my recommendations. A lot of them I listen to as soon as they release.

Radiolab by WNYC Studios

Each Radiolab episode focuses on a topic that generally revolves around the world of science. For example, one episode may focus on how humans perceive time and how breathing works, and how we use it. The show uses interesting sounds and storytelling techniques. Ever since I heard it on one of Kansas's public radio stations, KMUW, I’ve been hooked. I recommend it if you enjoy storytelling and science.

The Moth

The Moth website: https://themoth.org

The Moth is a storytelling podcast that originates from events around the country. Hosted by The Moth, normal people can tell stories, usually from their own life. Each episode has a theme and stories that match that theme are compiled into a podcast episode. Some stories tell of a life-changing event, some tell of a difficult time in their lives, others tell something fun, and some can make you cry. Each episode helps me learn about different experiences people have. It may even teach you something that can change how you live.

The TED Radio Hour by NPR

Do you like TED talks? Well, you'll love the TED Radio Hour. Like the other podcasts, each episode has a theme. The host plays TED talks and brings the creator of that talk to interview about the topic. Since TED talks cover a large number of topics, this podcast should have an episode that appeals to you.

Read. Return. Repeat by Wichita Public Library

Read. Return. Repeat. website: https://www.wichitalibrary.org/podcast

From our own library comes Read. Return. Repeat. Each episode, produced by library staff, covers a topic in which guests come on to share their thoughts and book recommendations. Each episode topic is from the #ReadICT challenge. #ReadICT challenges readers to read one book a month on different topics. Topics can range from "an immigration story" to "a book about mythology." This podcast is good for anyone who participates or wants to get started with the challenge. It is also a way to hear the different opinions and views of the guests and their book recommendations. Season 1 is available now and season 2 premiered in March.

These are just a few podcasts out of hundreds. I encourage you to go out and find a few that you like. You might even find a new hobby you like!

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