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Best Ways to Get Started with an Art Hobby

Posted on 10/15/2021 by Alice U., Grade 11

​​Have you ever wanted to start an art hobby, but felt discouraged ​to do so because you think you do not have any "art skills?" Or you do not even know where to start to have an art hobby? In this blog post, I will be sharing five tips with resources from my experience of doing art as a hobby and what I wished I knew when I started making art.

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Tip #01: Explore the Different Arts Media

There are so many supplies out there to use to make art. Arts media can include using a camera to take photos or using paint to create a painting. Experience the different art media and find out what you like best. You do not have to spend big bucks to buy art materials to use. You can find and purchase cheap art materials at your closest supermarket. Here are two resources you can look at to view the different art media:

Tip #02: Start Painting from Tutorials

Making art is a process. There are many different techniques available to do. When I started doing art as a hobby, I found that learning from experienced artists on the web or reading art tutorial books was very rewarding and helpful. It gave me the tools I needed to be able to start on my projects. The Wichita Public Library has books that can teach you different techniques and skills that will be useful to have when creating art. One book I would recommend is Practical Course in Drawing and Painting by Gabriel Martin Roig. Also, utilize YouTube. Experienced artists create many tutorials for beginning artists that will help you grow in your art skills.

Tip #03: Practice Makes Perfect

Making art does not happen overnight, so you should not expect that. So, doing a little art every day or every other day will help make your skills stronger. One way to do this is to buy a sketchbook and work on a drawing for at least 5 minutes. That will help you maintain and grow your skills.

Tip #04: Sign Up for Art Classes (or Classes That Involve You Being Creative)

I found this tip from a blog post by Marni Manning; she recommends signing up for art classes. Art classes are beneficial for beginning artists because you can get better at the art skills you have and learn new skills from a professional teacher. The Wichita Public Library offers some craft classes for teens and you can also take classes at CityArts. Going to classes will give you new skills from creating the projects offered and allows you to explore new materials and techniques.

Tip #05: "Everyone Has to Start from Somewhere..." - Haruki Murakami

As I said above, making art is a process. So do not get discouraged if your artwork does not turn out the way you want it to look. When that happens, remember that everyone has to start from somewhere, and from there, your art skills will grow! I have been there many times where I will begin on the artwork, and it is not going the way I want. But, even then, I grow from that experience and learn what to do the next time differently. So, do not give up! You can become an artist; just rem​ember that it is a process, and it is okay to make mistakes.

Making art is such a rewarding experience, and I hope these tips help you get started with an art hobby!​

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