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Wichita Photo Archives: Digital Image Processing and Commercial Use Fee Schedules

All images contained in the Wichita Photo Archives may be downloaded and printed for personal use (private home and research) free of any charges. (Regular printing fees will be charged if printed from the Library's public computer workstations; see REF-003.) Any commercial use of images downloaded and/or printed from the Wichita Photo Archives is prohibited. If, however, a customer wishes to obtain a high-resolution image for personal use, nonprofit or government use, or for any commercial use, the following price schedule will apply. Individuals are encouraged to contact the institution for information concerning special fee schedules for educational and community-related projects.

Processing fee:

Per image for pre-scanned images $10.00

Commercial use fee for one-time use in addition to processing fee:

Books, videotapes, brochures, and other printed materials:

Number of Copies Fee
5,000 and under $20.00 per image
5,001 – 15,000 $35.00 per image
15,001 – 25,000 $50.00 per image
25,001 –50,000 $75.00 per image
Over 50,000 $100.00 per image


Serials (magazines, newspapers):

Circulation of Serial Fee
Under 5,000 $15.00 per image
5,001 – 9,999 $35.00 per image
10,000 and up $50.00 per image


Commercial decorative display (e.g. restaurants): $25.00 per image
Book jacket $75.00 per image
Commercial films or television $100.00 per image
Filmstrip or slide show $20.00 per image


Advertising $100.00 per image
Nonprofit $5.00 per image for the first five images
$10.00 per image for images six to ten
additional images at similar incremental rates

Webpage Use

Nonprofit $5.00 per image
Commercial $50.00 per image

Images contained in the Wichita Photo Archives are not available for licensing.

Related Form: Reproduction and Use Agreement


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