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Floor Plans

1st Floor, North Wing

Teen Pavilion

In addition to expanded shelving, teens will have their own space with comfortable seating, collaboration spaces, public computing, and gaming.

Collaboration Rooms

These spaces, designed for small groups, will be made accessible to teens as well as the general community.

Streetscape Pavilion

Includes fiction and genre book collections for adults as well as music, movie, and audiobook collections.

Digital Pavilion

Visitors will be able to use and plug in their own devices throughout the space. Public computing opportunities will be expanded. A classroom for formal technology instruction will be included.

Video Wall

The Digital Pavilion is home to a large wall of video monitors that will promote library programs and provide additional information.

View toward Digital Pavilion from the main corridor.

Main corridor, looking east.

Friends of the Wichita Public Library

The Friends of the Wichita Public Library's Used Bookstore will be located conveniently near the west entrance.

Drive-up Service Window

Return your items and pick up held items without having to leave your car!

1st Floor, South Wing

Children's Pavilion

More than twice the size of the children's center at the current Central Library, this area will be zoned into areas for infants and toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary aged children. Interactive learning centers, an outdoor learning area, and a family restroom are among the new features.

Children's Programming Spaces

The Children's Pavilion has large dedicated areas for children's programs, including the beloved storytimes. The Reading Theatre and Children's Gallery can be used separately or together. The space includes a cry room.

Children's Outdoor Learning Area

A fenced-in courtyard, only accessible from the Children's Pavilion, will provide an outdoor space for structured learning or for kids to just burn off excess energy.

Community Pavilion

The Community Pavilion will include a coffee shop and a conference center.

Conference Center

This space will be able to accommodate more than 300 people. The room can be divided into three smaller meeting spaces for use by library events or groups and individuals.

Children's Pavilion viewed from near its entrance.

Innovation Center

This flexible learning space will be used for makerspace and other hands-on activites.

Main corridor, looking east.

Community pavilion viewed from near the west entrance.

2nd Floor, North Wing


Customers can get a breath of fresh air and enjoy a beautiful view of the river and downtown on the second floor terrace. This space, as well as the conference center on the main floor, has been designed for potential after-hours use.

Collaboration Rooms

These collaboration spaces will have the latest technologies to allow for small groups to work on a variety of business or education projects.

Learning Pavilion

The Learning Pavilion will be home to the building's nonfiction collections, which are currently spread across four floors. This area includes additional computers and informal collaboration spaces.

Board Room

One of the versatile meeting spaces available in the new building.

2nd Floor, South Wing

Research Pavilion

The Research Pavilion will store the Library's local history, genealogy, and special collections.

Conference Room

One of the versatile meeting spaces available in the new building.


The Library's most delicate and rare materials will be held in a secured, climate controlled vault.


Future Growth

This building has been designed to allow for future expansion to the northeast.

View of the east entrance.

View from Second and McLean.

North-northwest view from near Second Street.

View of the building from the southeast.

View of the Children's Outdoor Learning Area on the building's south side.

Future Growth

This building has been designed to allow for future expansion to the south.

View of the west entrance and drive-up window.

View of the west entrance from the southwest.

Northwest view from Second Street showing staff parking, loading dock, and entrance to drive-up window.

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