6x6 Early Literacy

6 by 6 is a parent-friendly early literacy program that emphasizes the six skills that parents and caregivers can help children develop, before they learn to read, at about the age six.

The Six Skills

  1. Have Fun With Books
  2. Notice Print All Around You
  3. Talk Talk Talk
  4. Tell Stories about Everything 
  5. Look for Letters Everywhere 
  6. Take Time to Rhyme, Sing, and Play Word Games 

The Three Age Levels

Besides the six skills, there are certain key age ranges that deserve special focus.

  1. Early Talkers
  2. Talkers
  3. Pre-readers

Activity Cards

Add a dash of 6 by 6 to your activities for children. These cards are recipes for success! Here's a list of book titles for which there is an activity card, grouped by age. Next to the book title, you will see the skill that the card addresses.

For Early Talkers (Birth to Two Years)

For Talkers (Two to Three Years)

For Pre-Readers (Four to Five Years)