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Reports & Planning Documents

Branch Study

The Public Policy and Management Center (PPMC) at the Hugo Wall School of Public Affairs at Wichita State University conducted a review of Wichita's branch library system. PPMC was given the following tasks:

  1. Engage stakeholders to identify issues and challenges in delivering services at branch libraries;
  2. Review national standards and criteria in library services;
  3. Conduct interviews, observations, and surveys;
  4. Assess site usage, evaluate user profiles, analyze initial market impact, facilitate community engagement, and provide a foundation for future planning.


PPMC and the Library worked with CIVICTechnologies to learn how library services are utilized by different parts of the community. Library staff participated in a workshop from November 17-18, 2016 to study the data and apply it to each library branch:

Final Report

The findings of PPMC's study, including information from CIVICTechnologies, were released on April 25, 2017:

Kansas Library Association Presentation

The branch study was presented at the Kansas Library Association's 2017 conference.

KLA Presentation slides

Technology Plan (2017-2019)

The Library has developed a three year plan for its technology services. The plan puts forth a variety of high level goals for which the Library should aim, in a variety of key target areas, designed to address the most immediate needs of the Library while expanding its services to meet the increasing demands of customers.

Read the plan

Director's Monthly Reports (PDF)

The Library releases activity reports on a monthly basis. The most recent reports are available online:

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